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October 9, 2020: Talk by Prof. Lance Dixon, Stanford

Hey Physics Club,

Our first speaker of the year is Prof. Lance Dixon from Stanford! He is a Caltech physics alumni [B.S. '82] who currently works in the field of theoretical elementary particle physics; you can learn more here.

The talk will last about an hour and is at 12pm PST, this upcoming Friday (Oct 16).

Here is a short summary of the talk from Prof. Dixon:

Journey to the Heart of MatterI'll talk about the quest to understand the properties of matter at the shortest distances, at high-energy colliders and theoretically, plus a little of my own journey in academia, from the time I was an undergraduate at Caltech.

We're following up the talk with a virtual meal with Prof. Dixon, which will be held in the week after the talk. Of course, we'll feed you with Grubhub vouchers. Stay tuned!


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We'd like to invite all undergraduate physics students to the first event of the school year: the Physics Undergraduate Welcome Lunch!

This lunch is meant to provide the physics students that declared last spring term an opportunity to meet and talk to their peers and upperclassmen. The lunch will be held next Friday (10/09) at noon through Zoom, and $20 of Grubhub voucher will be provided to the first 15 new students that sign up! Please sign up using this link.


We want to let you know that there is a physics Slack workspace for students to collaborate on classes. It's the same workspace as the one in the Spring term, but we've updated the channels for Fall term classes. Feel free to add yourself to the Slack channels for classes you're enrolled in. Additionally, please also join channels for classes you'd like to help people with (if the class policy allows this, of course)!

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Caltech's Feynman Lecture Hall, where most first and second year courses are taught from
Credit: Taylr Anne Kreutziger


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